Q: Can I really send anything?

A: Nearly! We're trying to form as diverse of a collection of early 21st century digital artifacts as possible. There are a few items however that are prohibited and they are listed in our terms and conditions. If you're still unsure if your contribution would make the cut then feel free to get in touch and we'll get you a verdict. Currently, random contributions are reviewed before acceptance.

Q: Do I have to be an artist?

A: Not at all! In our quest to form a comprehensive picture of our current society, we're looking for everything from the surreal to the mundane. Letters, personal photos, recipes, and even memes are all artifacts we're looking for.

Q: Can I make a contribution on behalf of my company/organization?

A: Absolutely! So long as you're authorized to represent your organization then feel free to do so. You can even enter your organization name on the contribution page instead of a personal one.

Q: What if I can't afford the contribution fee?

A: While we do have operating costs, we're much more interested in individuals being able to contribute than profit. If money is an issue, please contact us and we'll be sure to work something out.

Q: Will the museum ever be retrieved?

A: We have no intentions of retrieving the Moon Museum. And while we express interest in other entities visiting the Moon museum and exploring the contents within, it is our hope that the capsule remains on the surface of the Moon indefinitely.

Q: Will the museum survive?

A: The Project Mora Moon Museum is engineered to last well over a century. To protect against the dangers of cosmic radiation the museum is shielded in lead and redundant in data storage by utlizing RAID-Z technology. RAID-Z is the the gold standard in archival file systems.

Q: Help! My files are too big! How can I shrink them?

A: We're currently in the process of integrating a system that will automatically compress contributions from users as to lower contribution costs. But until that is implemented, we reccomend the following easy to use online tools:

  • For pictures, click here, upload your file, and select "best compression" for your Quality settings.
  • For videos, click here, upload your file, and select "1280x720 HD 25p" for your preset.
  • For audio, click here, upload your file, and select "128" for your audio bitrate.

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